Rose or “Ku-Larb” is recognized as a symbol of love and romance. Praised as the Queen of Flowers due to its beautiful pattern and alluring scent, mellow and refreshing fragrant. Perfect for self-conscious people who have an individualistic, luxurious lifestyle.


Lotus or “Bua” is an auspicious plant used for paying respect to Buddhist monks and conducting religious ceremonies since the time of Buddha. It is believed that growing lotuses will strengthen your family’s love and bonding. Perfect for peace-loving optimists who prefer to take things nice and easy.


Lady of the Night or “Ra-Tree” is a greenish-white flower with a mellow smell. Blooms only at night, emitting a cooling scent that fades away in the morning. Believed to be an auspicious plant that brings wealth to the owner. Perfect for people who are positive, kind, sentimental, and extremely romantic.


Wild Water Plum is called “Moke” in Thai. Its pristine white flowers please the eye as well as the mind. The faint fragrance of wild water plum keeps you feeling invigorated all day. According to ancient Thai belief, growing wild water plums will bring fortune and true happiness to the household. Perfect for nature-lovers who…


Frangipani, called “Lee-La-Wa-Dee” in Thai, means “graceful tree”. This flower has a simple yet elegant form. The cool scent of frangipani makes you feel as if relaxing in the middle of a valley. Perfect for creative people who are driven by endless imagination.


Jasmine or “Ma-Li”, the symbol of pure love, is a snow-white flower with a refreshing fragrance. The tender aroma of jasmine helps you feel pleasantly relaxed and calm. The gentle fragrance of jasmine makes you feel physically and spiritually relaxed, as if you were in a flower garden. Perfect for tender-hearted people with a prim…


Orange Jasmine, called “Kaew” in Thai, means “pure, precious gem”. It is believed that any house growing orange jasmine will be blessed with happiness and good things in life. The pristine white flowers emit a cool scent that is particularly strong in the morning. Perfect for people who are kind, peace-loving, and meticulous.