Hand Cream Set Thai Flower Collection

Size / Weight : 4 x 30 ml.

Perfect gift for any occasion created by a unique touch of senses in style of Thai flowers. This paraben-free product is enriched with natural extracts from shea butter, olive oil, fruit extracts and vitamin E.  It provides instant moisturization to soften your hands and nails, and also prevents them from drying out.

4 tubes of hand cream are packed in the set:


• Apply cream throughout your hand at least twice a day or use more if you wash your hands frequently.

• Enriched with Collagen, shea butter, olive oil and fruit extract.
• Keep your hands softer, smoothness and hydrate.
• Nourish nails and prevent them from tearing.
• Non-sticky formula that can be reapplied every time after washing your hands.
• Delightful, exhilarating aroma
• Perfect for all skin types.