Massage Oil Gift Set

Size / Weight : 4 x 50 ml.

Exclusive massage oil set come in 4 most popular scents voted by AKALIKO massage oil lovers. The blended benefits of rice bran oil and almond oil nature your skin for an attractive, healthy glow.

Four bottles of massage oil are packed in the set:

Lemongrass Essence
Green Olive
Lavender Cherish
Blooming Jasmine

• Use as a body massage oil to stimulate blood circulation and relieve aching muscles after a hard day’s work
• Use as a body moisturizer for sensitive or combination skin types. Apply after bath to keep your skin soft and hydrated. Use regularly for silky smooth skin
• Use as a bath oil by filling the bathtub with warm water, add in 2 caps of AKALIKO Massage Oil, stir, and enjoy your aromatic oil bath!

• Produced from rice bran oil and sweet almond oil, which are fast-absorbing and leave no greasy residue
• Helps moisturize your skin after scrubbing your body with AKALIKO Body Scrub
• Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin
• Paraben Free