Body Lotion

Size / Weight :  250 ml.

The ultimate protection against rough and dry skin. This paraben-free lotion containing concentrated moisturizing agents (shea butter and olive oil), fruit extracts and vitamin E penetrates deep into the skin, helps to restore its lost moisture and leaves skin feeling softer, smoother and hydrated.

Lavender Cherish
Blooming Jasmine
Lemongrass Essence
Rosy Rose
Cherry Blossom

• Spread lotion evenly over freshly cleansed skin.
• Massage gently in circular movements until lotion fully absorbed.
• Apply on body as often as needed.

• Enrich with Collagen, shea butter, olive oil and fruit extracts.
• Keep skin softer, smoothness and hydrate
• Light, fast-absorbing cream leaves no sticky residue.
• Delightful, exhilarating aroma.
• Helps moisturize your skin after scrubbing your body with AKALIKO Body Scrub.
• Perfect for all skin types.