The blended benefits of rice bran oil and sweet almond oil nature your skin for an attractive, healthy glow.

The ultimate protection against rough and dry skin. This paraben-free lotion containing concentrated moisturizing agents.

Keep your hands amazingly soft and your fingernails wonderfully strong with our hand cream that full of the moisturizing benefits of shea butter and vitamin E. Natural perfumes give the cream a sweet, tender aroma.

This aromatic shower gel, which is a mixture of the finest perfumes, beneficial fruit extracts, and natural honey, helps hydrate your skin even after a warm shower.

Try our scrub beads, made from grounded walnuts and apricot seeds, mixed in a rich shea butter cream with extra virgin olive oil and first-class fragrance oils.

Produced from the traditional cold processed method only with natural ingredients.

Our cold-pressed natural virgin coconut oil, completely untouched by heat, still possesses its natural color, scent, nutrients, and other wholesome beneficial properties.

Wake up your shower and refresh your senses as you lather up with Akaliko Mild and Balancing Shower Gel.

This gentle and effective shampoo is enriched with organic aloe vera help to replenish moisture and protects the scalp from irritation.

Natural ingredients and silicone free conditioner help to restore essential hydration and nutrients to the hair.