Aroma Reed Diffuser
World Collection

Size / Weight : 150 ml.  250 ml. for refill

Inspired by distinctive and historical essential oils of various countries, Akaliko has delicately selected high-quality fragrance blends from every corner of the world in order to bring you ‘Famous of the World Collection’, our fine collection of aroma reed diffuser. Exploring our ‘Famous of the World Collection’, you will experience a timeless sensation of relaxation created by a unique touch of aromatic scents of their origins.

Japanese Blossom
Siam Lemongrass
Oriental Jasmine
English Rose
Australian Lavender

• Put reeds and fragrance oil into the glass bottle.
• Fragrance will fill the room within 3-4 hours.
• It lasts up to 30 days depending on number of reeds used.
• Avoid contact with oil on eyes, wood surface and painted surface.

• Reeds absorb the fragrance oil from the bottle and continuously diffuse its scent throughout an enclosed room.
• Produced with good quality perfumes that do not cause nausea and are non-health hazardous.