Rejuvenate Anti-Aging Facial Oil

Size / Weight :  30 ml.

100% natural oil that keeps moisture in and balance facial oil, correct against wrinkles and lines and as well as dark spots resulted in good skin health. Antioxidants that prolongs skin damage caused by unexpected chemical or pollution. Paraben free. All skin types.

Use oil as a nourishing product / after nourishing cream / or mixed with nourishing cream. Apply gently, the facial skin will improve until you feel it within 7 days.

  • For dry skin, use twice a day in the morning and before bedtime.
  • For oily or combination skin. Use 1 time a day before bedtime. Just drop 2-3 drops of oil into the palm.

* Tips can use oil mixed with foundation before makeup will make the cosmetics lasting longer during the day.

Key Ingredients and benefits;

  • Argan Oil Organic: make the skin smooth and soft. Tighten the skin and facial pores
  • Sweet almond oil: Helps restore dry skin. Reduce dullness Wrinkles and dark spots
  • Sunflower oil: High vitamin E helps retain moisture, reduce acne and protect skin from UV rays.
  • Rose Hip Oil: Contains vitamins C and E to help stimulate collagen regeneration, skin rejuvenation
  • Jojoba oil: helps strengthen collagen Keep moisture and balance the skin’s oil.
  • Tea seed oil: rich in antioxidants Protect the skin from aging.